onepathOne Path Labyrinth Ventures

Tracy creates ceramic finger labyrinths in a ritual setting with focused intention and healing energy. Each piece is a handcrafted, sacred tool designed to aid the user on their path to healing and wholeness. She also offers other ceramic spiritual tools such as smudge pots, rattles and offering bowls, all with labyrinth designs.  For more information and to see a sampling of Tracy’s wears, please visit her website at


Wise Women Rise is a women’s whole health collaborative rooted in the Divine Feminine, offering empowering workshops from childbirth to Yoni steaming as well as monthly Red Tent and seasonal Goddess circles. Individual services include massage and Reiki plus coaching with the goal of being comfortable in your own skin. For more information see

Christina Countryman brings Adorn Your Doorway and Adorn Your Wardrobe, unique origami artwork and handbags made from upcycled materials. Her efforts benefit specific artisans in a rural community in the Philippines who now struggle with lack of livelihood after the devastating super-typhoon Haiyan demolished the coconut groves which are the natural basis of their economy.   In addition, the materials collected by a relative in Manila and shipped by bus to the province would otherwise clog city streets and waterways as litter. With  Adorn Your Doorway, all proceeds are funneled directly into improving the ability to provide the artisans  a living wage and other vital support.   Christina’s time is a donation.



The Sacred Altar at Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar carries Ritual tools for transformation. Featuring sacred blessing herbs for smudging, ritual incense blends, cauldrons, pendulums, exciting prints, altar boxes, and more.



The art of Gaia Woolf-Nightingall  is inspired by the Elemental forces of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit, the creative manifestations of Divine source. Gaia’s art aims to celebrate the wonder of the elements in their physical form, with bold mandalas and journey work in to the esoteric realms.
Gaia’s art also expresses reverence for the the female form, as an exemplification of the cyclic nature of life. Gaia weaves story and myth throughout her work, to connect the observer to the continuing rhythms of birth, life,death and decay.   Earth Elemental Art

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