Spinning into a Spiritual Practice

Spinning with Intention

Over the years of her Avalonian practice, Alicia has incorporated many types of artisanry into her work. This includes incorporating drop-spinning in ritual space. It builds into trance work, and especially work with Arianrhod and Branwen- our polarity Goddesses. Learning to drop spin, and gaining facility with the process makes it easier to incorporate it into ritual. This workshop is open to beginners and experienced spinners. We’ll work with fiber from Wales provided by the teacher. Please bring your own top-whorl spindle.

Alicia Grosso is a teacher, author and interdisciplinary artist. She has been with the Sisterhood of Avalon since 1999 and currently serves as the Artisan Matron on the Council of Nine. She has been Theatre at the university and secondary levels for twenty-six years.

Alicia’s books are Soapmaking: A Magickal Guide (New Page Press, 2000) and The Everything Soapmaking Book (Adams Press) which is currently in its third edition. She has been a soapmaker since 1995, speaking at national soap conferences and teaching at soap studios on the west coast.

Alicia lives in the beautiful Puget Sound area with a kitty and a bunny. To learn more about Alicia and her offerings, please visit http://www.annabellaandcompany.com


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