We are please to welcome the following presenters to our 2020 Virtual Ninefold Festival!

Annwyn Avalon

Celtic Water Magic

Water is sacred, holds within it the magic of transformation and is needed to create and sustain life. This class will take an in-depth look at how our European ancestors held water as sacred. We will dive deep into the lore and magic of the Celts and their ancestors. We will discuss a variety of different types of water bodies from the Sea and Rivers to Bogs and Lakes. Why did the Celts honor these bodies of water? Why did they find them sacred? and how did these beliefs influence the practice of their descendants? We will also discuss the spirits that dwell within the water such as Lake Ladies, Water Fae and Water Gods and Goddess associated with the sacred lands of the Celts. Finally, we will look at some later folktales and stories where we can find tidbits of information woven into folklore that lends us information on how to adapt these historical finds, folklore, and customs to our practice honoring the sacredness of the Water in our own lands and our own practices. We will end with a meditation connecting us with the liminal nature of Sacred Wells.

Annwyn Avalon is a Water witch, priestess, and the founder of Triskele Rose Witchcraft, an Avalonian witchcraft tradition. She has devoted her life to the study of art, witchcraft, and magic. She has a BFA in sculpture and a BA in anthropology and has completed her Reiki Master teacher training. She has also studied herbalism and Middle Eastern and Sacred Dance. Annwyn is the Author of Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition, The Way of the Water Priestess: Entering the World of Water Magic. She writes the blog, The Water Witch, as well as a regular contributor to The Magical Times Magazine. and is an award-winning, internationally known dancer with a repertoire of sacred, water and mermaid-themed belly dance performances. You can visit Annwyn at the following sites:

Corah Aplonia Avalon

The Ninefold and the Nine Avalonian Veils of Sacred Feminine

A Rite of Remembrance through the Nine Veils of Sacred Feminine through the Archetypes and Energy of the Nine Morgens of Avalon. Storytelling, meditation and embodiment of the Ninefold Goddess and how She creates, birth, moves and weaves Her Veiled Essence all over the Planet. Time to unravel the Mysteries and unveil Her Sacred Essence as Keepers of Sacred Feminine!

Corah Aplonia Avalon lives on the Isle of Dordrecht, the oldest Town of Holland. Corah is Morgen and HPriestess in the Sacred Ways of Ancient Avalon and Keeper Keyholder in the Sacred Ninefold Nine Morgen Mysteries. She facilitates the Global Ninefold Morgens of Avalon Temple. She is the Founder of the Traditional Avalon Mystery School © 1995 – 2020 and its Daughter Branches; The Nine Morgens Mystery School © 1999 and The Ninefold Apple Branch of Avalon. She walked the Earth from a young age and has guided hundreds of women and groups to ancient sites all over the World. She is an international Ceremonialist, Healer-Herbalist, Workshop holder and Retreat Facilitator and teaches the Oral Ancient Traditions for over 25 years.

Corah is a Morgen Lineage holder in the Sacred Ninefold Morgen Mysteries of Ancient Avalon. She is trained and initiated in the ancient Lineage of Avalon, Afallach, Avallon through the Sisterhood of the Nine Morgens of Avalon, in which she just successfully finished her Triple Ninefold Training, total of 27 years (3 x 9 = 27 = 9). She is a certified Merlin-Merlin A Healer, a Crystal Skull Keeper, Oracle Reader and Soul Coach. She is the Author of the Ninefold Chronicles of Avalon, a future Series of Nine Books called the Nine Morgens of Avalon (Parts 1 + 2 are available in English and Dutch, Part 3 is soon forthcoming). She is also the creator of the Avalon Herbal Incense Line and the Avalon Soul Soothing Oils.

If you are interested in her work, please contact:

Elisha Halpin

The Well and The Chalice: Diving Deep into the Inner Landscape

What if there was a deep wellspring within waiting to be tapped so that it could flow? What if inside this Well, there was a sacred Chalice waiting for you to discover it?  In this workshop, we will work with the symbols and metaphors of the Well and the Chalice as the way to access and cultivate our Yin and Shakti energies. We will focus our exploration in the Heart and Sacral chakras as we open to the inner landscape. How might these symbols and metaphors become a script to allow us to open to great flow, creation, and receiving? We will use breath, movement, chanting/singing, writing, and drawing to dive into the Well and retrieve the Chalice waiting at the bottom. At the conclusion of this workshop, you will feel tapped into creative flow and sacred inspiration. 

Elisha Halpin is a Certified Intuitive Guide, Neurosculpting® Facilitator, HeartMath® Facilitator, Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator, Sacred Life Mentor, Celtic Spirituality Facilitator, and holds an MFA in Dance and Somatics.

Francesca Aniballi

Once and Future Bard

We are going to explore the history of the bardic ways; how the woman Bard is relevant for our times and how her role can be re-envisioned for the 21st century and beyond.

Francesca Aniballi is a member of the British Druid Order and is training as a Bard. She wears many hats: teacher, expressive arts therapist and facilitator, creative coach, writer and independent scholar. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature, an MSc in Social Anthropology and a Certificate in Therapeutic Writing.

Jennifer Lynn

Running for Macha

On the trimmed grass of the running field, Macha waits for you. A goddess of the earth, abundance and good, green living, She cries out into these troubled times. She begs you to remember and put things right. Will you run for Her? Join Jennifer Lynn for a discussion of this much overlooked Celtic goddess of the green. Through the ancient stories and Brehon Laws, let Macha’s story guide you back to right relationship and awaken the champion you were born to be. This program welcomes all people, regardless of experience level, gender orientation or spiritual tradition. 

Jennifer Lynn is a soul midwife, a shamanic Druid Priestess, and a modern-day mystic specializing in Celtic mystical techniques and practices. During twenty plus years of training and experience, she has studied extensively with Tom Cowan, Caitlín Matthews, the Invisible Druid Order (Druid grade), the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids (Ovate grade), the Foundation for Shamanic Studies as well as with mystical practitioners internationally. An award-winning, published poet, and author of the mystical fiction series Bree MacLeod’s Story, Jennifer gives voice to her Bardic craft through poetry, prose and song. Her writings explore the rhythms of life while honoring the Goddess and Sacred Conversation. Jennifer is also a Chinese medicine practitioner and a Minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth, a church of animism fostering shamanic principles and practices. For more information about Jennifer, please visit or follow Jennifer on Facebook,

Pamela Borawski

Facing Your Darkness

Healing at a deep level requires shadow work, but what exactly is it, and how do you get started? Whether you’ve just begun, or have experience facing your darkness, come gain insight, encouragement, and step-by-step tips to make the most from this life-changing work.

Rev. Pamela Borawski serves as a pagan minister in the deep south where she was born and raised. Using spiritual and holistic modalities, she is a guide and teacher.

Robin Corak

Shadows, Sovereignty, and Seeds: Working with Persephone and the Underworld

Embark upon a powerful journey with Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, as she helps you to discover your personal power. Based on the recently released book “Persephone, Practicing the Art of Personal Power”, this workshop will include:
-A deeper understanding and reclaiming of the myth of Persephone
-An exploration of Persephone’s Underworld and its role in shadow work
-Practical techniques for working with Persephone as an ally in identifying and manifesting your own unique personal power
-Working with Persephone in her psychopomp aspect 
This workshop will include a guided meditation to the Underworld with Persephone to help you shed outdated labels and fears and embrace your gifts and strengths

A long time member of and current Board Secretary for the SOA, Robin Corak has been doing Otherworld and Underworld work for many years. She is the author of “Persephone: Practicing the Art of Personal Power” and has presented at conferences including Ninefold Festival, Paganicon, and Pantheacon. Robin also  has several years of experience with modalities such as Reiki, coaching, and tarot reading.

Sarah Heartsong

Morfran’s Transformation

Cerridwen’s grief at the birth of her son, Morfran, speaks to Life’s disappointments, especially giving birth to a disabled child. Morfran’s entire life was affected by his mother’s failed attempt to fix things for him. He eventually did find his own way into glory and fame, though. We’ll go deeper and discover Wisdom through relating to this Sacred Story.

Sarah Heartsong is an ordained priestess (over 25 years of Sacred Service), the founder of the Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary (TOLIS) association of nature-centric practitioners, currently holding the title of Main Sanctuary Servant, is the Lady of the Land of her Land Sanctuary called Erosia in Shelton, WA and member of the Sisterhood of Avalon. She holds a BA in Religion, and a MA in Communication Studies with about 20 years experience as a paid advocate for physically and developmentally disabled clients. She is a professional artisan with Heartsong Healing Arts’ Rare Earth Designs, which you can find at, and on Etsy at  Best contacts are on email at or  Her book on the Wheel of the Year, featuring the story of Morfran and Cerridwen she will share at the Ninefold Fest, is currently in editing with The Three Little Sisters Publishers.

Sydney Bell

Dancing with the Loathly Lady

Explore the themes of choice, sovereignty, harmony and beauty in the mythic Loathly Lady motif. Recognition of her sovereignty allowed the Loathly Lady to shed her hag visage and claim her beauty. In this session we will consider what lessons and insights The Loathly Lady offers to restoring harmony in our relationship with our body and appearance as a path to reclaiming personal sovereignty.

Sydney Bell, MSW/RSW is a social worker, writer, counselor, priestess. Through her practice, Embracing the Body Divine, she works with people to reclaim their Body Sovereignty by developing unconditional positive regard and trust in their body.  To learn more about Sydney’s work, visit her website at or visit her on Facebook: