We are please to welcome the following presenters to our 2019 Ninefold Festival!

Featured Presenter: Courtney Weber

Courtney Weber

Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess

The Celtic Goddess Brigid remains one of the most popular in Neo-Paganism, but who is she? This class reveals the mysterious history and delicate mythology of the popular Celtic Goddess of home, motherhood, creation, warfare, and healing and Her incarnation as a Christian saint. Join us for discussion, stories, meditation, and exploration of how to invite this Goddess to join your personal practice. Class will include a Pathworking and a Healing Ritual using Brigid’s Healing Well. The book of the same title will also be available for sale.

Courtney Weber is a Witch, author, Tarot adviser, and activist. She is the author of Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess and Tarot for One: The Art of Reading for Yourself, and The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of Magick and Might. She is a co-host of That Witch Life podcast. Courtney produced and designed Tarot of the Boroughs, a modern tarot deck set in New York City. She has been featured in the New York Times, Maxim, Playboy, Huffington Post, Vice, and the Thom Hartmann Show.  Visit her online at

Michelle Skye

Michelle Skye

The Vesica Pisces: Accessing the Healing Waters Within

Connecting to the sacred feminine energies of the Vesica Pisces, we will learn the meaning behind this powerful symbol. Throughout time, the Vesica Pisces can be seen in spiritual settings in which it held different meanings and served various purposes for different people. We will explore sacred geometry, womb-wisdom, and Goddess power through the lens of the Vesica Pisces and the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. We will journey to the symbol of the Vesica Pisces, on the astral plane, to incorporate it’s empowering wisdom into our own selves. Bringing this energy back with us to this plane of existence, we will access the healing waters within ourselves to help heal our wounds and activate our soul purpose, becoming our sovereign selves. 

Michelle Skye is the author of three books focusing on the feminine divine: Goddess Alive, Goddess Afoot, and Goddess Aloud. She has also written two children’s books: Harriet Tubman, Follow Your Star and Clara Barton, Angel of the Battlefield. She is a member of the Crafty Witches magical circle in Southeastern Massachusetts and has been for over five years. Michelle is also a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon and has been following the Avalonian path for over 10 years. Michelle has spoken about the Divine Feminine at numerous national retreats and teleconferences, as well as in workshops and classes around Massachusetts. Tarot and oracle-card reader, beach-lover, faery, mermaid, and unicorn-friend, shadow-walker, comic book-reader, book-aficionado, tree-hugger, Michelle wants to help everyone to be happy. Because if you’re not having a good time, what’s the point? 

Robin Corak

Well of Dreams: Dream Work with Arianrhod and Rhiannon  

Robin Corak

Traversing the world of our dreams can bring levels of profound insight, healing, invaluable information, and adventure if we can learn to work within these nightscapes with intent. The Avalonian goddesses Arianrhod and Rhiannon both have connections to the dream world and can therefore be valuable allies in dream work. This workshop will cover topics including:

–   Arianrhod’s and Rhiannon’s connection with the world of dreams (through their myths in The Mabinogion and their correspondences)
–   Pre-dream work rituals
–   Making an Avalonian dream doll
–   Using the imagery of the chalice well in dream workCrafting dream incense and/or teas
–   Techniques for remembering dreams and charging dreams with intent

The workshop will conclude with a powerful guided meditation to Caer Sidi to work with Arianrhod on dream retention.

Robin Corak is the author of the forthcoming Moon Books Pagan Portals title “Persephone: Practicing the Art of Personal Power”. She has had her writing published in anthologies including “Goddess, When She Rules” and “Flower Face: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Bloduewedd”. Robin is a skilled tarot reader and Reiki Master and teaches classes on a variety of metaphysical and Pagan topics at the local and national levels. Passionate about helping others achieve their full potential, Robin is also the CEO of a large, non-profit social services organization in Washington state. You can find out more about Robin at

Robin Cole

Robin Cole

Emerging from Darkness: Using Tarot for Personal Shadow Work  

In this interactive workshop, we will explore a method of personal Shadow Work through the use of tarot cards and how it is mirrored closely in the Avalonian Cycle of Healing. Together, we will explore these connections and how the Major Arcana can be used to identify the key shadow aspects in our lives. Shadow Work is a valuable personal tool—scary and uncomfortable at times but also integral to our self-developmental process. Once we have accepted a particular shadow part of ourselves, we can allow the old wounds that caused it to heal, opening ourselves up to new possibility with a deeper understanding of our own psyches moving forward. Bring your favorite tarot deck and see what healing power it can unlock within you!  

Robin L. Cole is a New Jersey based indie urban fantasy author who writes the dark and snarky, emotionally-driven urban fantasy series The Warding. “Iron” was her first full-length publication, and its sequel, “Faster” is also now available. She has also written “First Hunt,” the first of many short stories set in the Warding world. She is hard at work on the next full length book in the series, “The Last Dance.” The first novel in her brand new sword and sorcery series The Legacy of the Tse’yekana is due out in 2020. Titled “Night of the Hunter,” this epic tale of harkens back to the heyday of fantasy series like Dragonlance, yet is anything but traditional. In addition to writing fiction, Robin is a professional tarot reader and tarot deck creator. She is the curator of The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot Deck, an independently published deck featuring the romantic, medieval imagery of masters such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais, Edmund Blair Leighton, John Collier, John William Waterhouse, and more. The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot is in its second printing and is available through her Etsy store. She is at work on her next tarot deck, Emerging from Darkness: A Shadow Work Tarot Deck and an accompanying book that explains and illustrates the process of personal shadow work for healing. Deck and book are both expected in 2020.

Tracy Andryc

Opening the Gateway

Tracy Andryc

The labyrinth is a sacred pattern over 4,000 years old that contains ancient primal wisdom. By creating a labyrinth, you bring into being an energy vortex that opens a gateway to the realms beyond the veil. With ritual, song, dance, and creativity, we will open a sacred space to explore our connection to the other realms and the wisdom they offer us. We’ll build a temporary labyrinth with natural materials to honor and come into harmony with the land and offer it to our community for their own personal healing and spiritual quests.

Tracy Andryc has been sharing her love of the labyrinth since her first walk on its path in 1998. She sees the labyrinth as a universal tool that can be used in a magical/spiritual context, regardless of your religious path. Tracy is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Certified Birth Doula, Reiki Master, and owner of One Path Labyrinth Ventures. She takes a holistic approach to her labyrinth work by incorporating other modalities such as crystal grids, sound and sacred dance. For two decades, she has facilitated workshops and rituals on the labyrinth and other topics at venues throughout New England. Tracy lives in Massachusetts, with her husband and 6 kids, happily playing with clay.

Heather Kaminski

Heather Kaminski

Crafting Your Holistic Self-Care Tool Kit: A Crash Course in Being Your Own Best Friend  

“Crazy busy” is not only a standard answer to the question “how are you?”, it has become a state of being which is a badge of honor in our modern culture, but is this a healthy way of being? Statistics demonstrate a constant rise of stress related illness certainly indicates otherwise, yet many of us continue this merry go round cycle of insanity and can’t seem to slow down long enough to get off. Self care isn’t just about tossing a bath bomb into the tub, it’s about self compassion. Using the framework of the Nine Morgens of Avalon we can tap into the lessons they have for us to create a holistic self care plan that nourishes our minds, bodies, and spirits. This presentation will examine what self care really means, help you to create a two part self care plan, and explore tools to begin constructing your personalized self care tool kit. It’s time for us to love and care for ourselves with the same devotion that we love and care for others. It’s time for us to be our own best friend.  

Heather Kaminski is owner of Avalon Holistic Healing. She is a Certified Master Herbalist and holds certifications in many integrative healing modalities including a variety of Energy Healing modalities, Aromatherapy, and NLP. She has been an active member of the Sisterhood of Avalon since 2007 and is currently pursuing seminary studies and ordination within the SOA tradition. Heather believes that in healing ourselves in body, mind and spirit, we take our first steps towards healing our Earth Mother and all of her beloved children.

Diana Byron

Diana Byron

Becoming the Isle: Sustainable Living and the Modern Avalonian

In legend, the Isle of Avalon was known to host a self-sustaining community of women who lived apart from society and in service to Goddess.  As modern women living within society who feel called to be of service, what can we learn from the lifestyles of the ancient priestesses of Avalon? What can the Isle itself teach us about sustainability in our own lives, with regards to our personal energy management? Women are now more active in the world than ever, often experiencing burn-out as we seek to balance work, home, family, and service. Through discussion, a written exercise, and guided meditation, we will explore the topic of sustainability as it applies to a woman’s life force energy. Insights and tools will be shared as we discuss not only sustainability, but also our potential to be independent and self-sustaining, as the holy isle itself.

Diana Byron is a certified Herbalist and Yoga Teacher based in Central Massachusetts. She has been a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon since 2003 and currently serves as Healer Matron on the Council of Nine. Diana enjoys helping others improve their health naturally, using herbs and a variety of holistic tools and healing modalities. She also teaches herbal workshops, Kripalu yoga classes, meditation classes, and leads group meditations. Diana is owner of Dhyāna Yoga & Wellness and also enjoys being a mom, gardening, and spending time in nature.

Elisa Maistrellis and Tiffany Lazic

The Art of Tarot Through the Centuries and Creating Your Own Oracle Card

Tiffany and Elisa

Through the centuries, Tarot cards have morphed and changed, often reflecting the art and culture of the times. Join us on a journey that spans 700 hundred years of artistry and craftsmanship as we explore the earliest precursors of Tarot cards to today’s most popular decks, as well as the various printing methods and techniques employed by cardmakers throughout history.
Following the slide show presentation, participants are invited to plumb the depths of their own creativity and connect to the symbolic art of Tarot by creating their own oracle card. All materials will be provided. There will be many decks on hand for inspiration, exploration and play, (including many oracles by Ninefold’s Keynote Speaker, Caitlin Matthews), and several historic reproductions decks. Join us for this combination presentation-participation workshop!

Elisa Maistrellis is a longstanding member of the Sisterhood of Avalon and currently serves as Vision Matron on the Council of Nine. Her spiritual quest and connection with the divine feminine stem from early childhood. Raised in a traditional American-Greek home as an Orthodox Christian, she was surrounded with mythic art and imagery, stories of Greek gods, religious iconography, incense, and fortunes being told from the formation of coffee grinds at the bottom of an overturned cup. At college she studied Classics and earned her teaching credentials in multicultural education. It was not until acquiring her Master’s degree in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School however, that she came to understand the archetypal nature of the myths, art, and imagery she was surrounded with as a child. With a new appreciation for the power that universal symbolism has to help us heal our Selves, and potentially, our world, she turned to the Tarot. She has worked professionally with Tarot since 2000, and today reads at Deadwick’s Ethereal Emporium in Portsmouth, New Hampshire under the name Elysian Fields Deadwick.

Tiffany Lazic has been a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon since 2007 and currently serves on the Council of Nine as Lorekeeper Matron. She is the author of The Great Work: Self-Knowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year (Llewellyn Worldwide). She is also a registered psychotherapist, specializing in Spiritual Psychotherapy with over twenty years’ experience in individual, couples, and group therapy, as well as a teacher in many programs at the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training (Toronto), including the Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program, the Spiritual Directorship Training Program, and the Esoteric Studies Program. Tiffany is the owner of The Hive and Grove Centre for Holistic Wellness (Kitchener). She has developed 3 self-development programs, The Great Work: Patterns of Conscious Living Program, the Spiritual Language of the Divine Program, and Drawing Down Divine Immersive Soul Collage Program. An international presenter, keynote speaker and retreat facilitator, Tiffany has conducted workshops for many conferences and organizations in Canada, the US, Mexico, India and the UK.