Henna Art by Annwyn

All of Annwyn’s designs are free-hand drawn on the skin and are all original art, often times created on the spot. Though basic designs are available, custom art is preferred. Often times called “Henna Tattoo,” Mehndi is the beautiful art of applying Henna paste in an intricate design on to the skin. Used for thousands of years, Henna has been applied to hair and skin for a beautiful, natural dye that ranges from red to golden brown. When applied to skin, Henna has a temporary effect; creating a design that lasts for weeks. Henna is a natural plant, and only natural ingredients are used to mix the henna paste, though like many natural plants allergies may occur. Please inform us of ANY allergies you may have. Henna cannot be applied to small children or babies.


The Modern Mystic

Robin Cole is a tarot reader who combines a classically trained background with an intuitive reading style. She specializes in facilitating shadow work through the use of tarot cards, as well as providing a variety of other readings.

(More to come…)

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