We are currently accepting vendor applications for Ninefold Festival 2019!  To apply to be a vendor, please see the application section here.

Positively Mystic

PositivelyMystic is run by Nicole, who just graduated from Ithaca College and joined the Sisterhood of Avalon in 2017. She creates wooden altar pieces, tarot card boxes, pendulum boards, calendar wheels, and artwork. Her business sells on etsy at, but she has designed some special pieces for this Ninefold Festival!

One Path

Tracy creates ceramic finger labyrinths in a ritual setting with focused intention and healing energy. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted, sacred tool designed to aid the user on their path to healing and wholeness. She also offers other ceramic spiritual tools such as cauldrons, offering bowls, jewelry, all with labyrinth designs. She will also have available her newly released Sacred Path Labyrinth Cards divination deck. Tracy is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, ceramic artist, and Reiki Master, and you can visit here at

Lupa Birch

Lupa Birch is owned and operated by Christina Bothwell. The name for her business was inspired by her familiar, Lupa, meaning female wolf, combined with her favourite tree, the Birch. Her business is an eclectic mix of home brewed, all natural products and healing services. At the festival this year, she will be offering products that can be used in any witches mojo bag, including homemade, pure, honey beeswax and soy travel candles with essential oils, jewelry and key chains made with genuine gem stones, crystals, and sterling silver, the 13 herbs of the Mythic Moons of Avalon grown in her pesticide free garden and dried, foraged wild cat nip, natural salves and balms, as well as, fudge made with her garden grown lavender and edible flowers.

Magick Attick

A kaleidoscopic cavalcade of mystical items — and no two are alike! From beloved books, to festive fashions, to divine décor, and devotional adornments… a rummage through the Magick Attick — curated by Jhenah Telyndru — is sure to unearth a treasure!


Melody Lee

An English professor, storyteller, and writer, Melody will be selling copies of Becoming Women of Wisdom: Marking the Passage into the Crone Years, a 140-page book with CD, designed as a guide for facilitators leading small circles of women who are preparing to mark a shift in their lives to the role of elder. With the image of the New Grange triple spiral labyrinth to guide their progress, circle participants share the stories and photographs from of each of the decades of their lives as they move into the center of the labyrinth to discover their inner wisdom and out again as they explore ways to share this wisdom with the world.
Women can sign up to receive Melody’s Calling All Crones blog, which offers a spiritual reflection on the changing seasons and is posted eight times a year. Copies of the blog post for Lughnasa/Lammas will be available at her booth. You can visit Melody’s website at

Avalon Enchanted

Tori McNally of Avalon Enchanted offers rough and tumbled crystals and stones, incense, hand crafted Moldavite Oil and Merlin Meditation Oil along with hand crafted scrying mirrors, and smudge bundles. Tori is a fellow SOA sister and an experienced Tarot Reader, Physical Medium and Table Tippet, Energy Healer with Reiki and IET, Empath, Certified Hypno-Therapist, and Teacher in the Rhode Island and Southern New England area. She also shares Newport, RI’s long illustrious history, its romantic tales of pirates and the City By The Sea’s rich paranormal history as a member Ghost Tours of Newport and co-founder of RIMA Paranormal Team. Tori is also a Red Tent facilitator with Red Tent Caravan. To find out more about Tori and Avalon Enchanted please visit

Briar Moon

Briar Moon, created by SOA sister Bethiny Stark, offers Celtic treasures for the sovereign heart, and honors the divine feminine energy within us all. Inspired by the Goddesses of Avalon and the teachings of the SOA path, all items are made with natural and rustic materials, including pewter, leather, and various gemstones, embracing the natural power they already possess.. Each piece, whether it be amulets (leather pendant necklaces), sister wristlets (leather bracelets to share), Goddess leather and beaded bracelets, or Avalonian ritual beads, is lovingly made with the intention to bring magic, healing, and the energy of the Sisterhood of Avalon to whoever may wear or use it.