We have a variety of offerings throughout the weekend on top of our keynotes and workshops.

Tŷ Crwn Tân Galon (Heart-fire Roundhouse)

A community hearth space will be tended by the hearth-tenders and hearthkeepers. A space much akin to the Red Tent, but tied into our Avalonian ancestors and the Roundhouse of the Community Matron. This sacred space will be kept for all attendees to relax, rejuvenate, share, commune and hold space for each other as well as create shared communal energy. We will sing, drum, share stories, bake bread and nourish and nurture each other in this space. All attendees are encouraged to bring items of comfort and spiritual meaning to co-create this space. Blankets, pillows, statues, instruments, crystals are welcome and appreciated.

Opening/Closing Circles

The Opening Circle is how we begin our time together for the weekend.  It is a time to set our intentions for the weekend and open the container that will be our Avalon.  The Closing Circle  is how we will end our weekend together.  It is a time to share with one another our experiences of the weekend and take that energy out into the world.

Kava Ceremony

Kava is an ancient plant from the South Pacific islands which has been used ceremonially, medicinally, and socially for thousands of years. A gift of our Mother Earth, Kava contains divine and nourishing wisdom, holding close the awareness of Nature and Spirit. The Kava ceremony is a celebratory community gathering of goodwill with participants joining together in circle to share in the relaxing and uplifting properties of the earthy tasting Kava tea, prepared from the ground root of the Piper Methysticum plant steeped in cold water and served in a coconut shell.

In ceremony participants become introspective, thoughtful, and more connected to their truest selves while also experiencing a deeper more empathetic connection with others. Kava helps to initiate clarity of mind while also opening to the deeper connections of spirit, calming nervousness and social anxiety. Each individual participating in ceremony is given an opportunity to share and reflect their feelings within the community circle.

When used in ceremony and ritual Kava has the ability to set in motion and help to manifest the sacred union between the human Spirit and Nature. Kava can be used as a tool to help facilitate community discussions as well as in ceremony and in deepening ones ritual practices.


Leading the Kava ceremony for the Ninefold Festival is Judi Galgoczy of Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar, located in Ithaca, NY.

Bardic Circle

Jhenah Telyndru will be hosting another wonderful Bardic Circle.  Bring your poems, chants, songs, dances, etc. to share around the fire.  Some might call this an open mic and yet others might say it is a talent show; we call it a Bardic Circle where we share our talents and loves with everyone in a non-threatening manner.



Yoga with Lenessa

A dedicated mother of three, Lennessa has been a student and teacher of the practice and philosophy of yoga for many years.

“I felt relaxed and at peace with the world, and that for me
is the test of being at home, in the simple way that a child feels at home.”

— Agehananda Bharati

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Lennessa first became interested in yoga as a result of her meditation practice. Her earliest trainings under master teacher Indubala Bhardwaj led her to complete professional yoga certification at the age of 20. Lennessa’s credentials include a 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga training program and 16-hour Sanskrit course under Indu’s direction; a 35-hour certification training with Doug Swenson; training with Yogic Arts founder Duncan Wong; and extensive studies with Larry Schulz, the late director of the “It’s Yoga” Ashtanga system.

Lennessa presents a dynamic blend of these teachings while imparting insights from her life experiences. Her journey has spanned multiple U.S. regions and multiple pregnancies, thus she is equally as passionate about pregnancy and natural birth as she is about yoga. Lennessa is a trained and experienced childbirth doula through the Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators. She considers her classes in Prenatal Yoga and Baby and Me Yoga to be among her specialties.

On a personal note, Lennessa shares deep appreciation for not only Raja Yoga, but also other lineages that uphold tradition and nature, such as wildcrafting and native spiritualism. Her practices of personal divination, ritual, and contemplation lead her to a lifestyle of communion with Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

Through it all, Lennessa has learned that yoga has something potent to offer everyone. Her wish is to share her passion for yoga by encouraging others to love their true selves by “living yoga,” as she aspires to do herself every day. Her intent is focused on developing The Yoga School to what she envisions it to be: a vehicle for transforming lives in the way that only true love, true community, and true yoga can.