Finding Rhythm and Balance in Every Day Moments

Establishing Rhythm: Spiritual Focus in a Mundane World

Discovering your spiritual home in the Island of Avalon is a beautiful awakening for many women. But so often, that awakening, especially when experienced through intensives or festivals — time spent immersed in Sisterhood — is hard to maintain when we return home to “mundane life”. How do we keep that passion for our spirituality alive in daily life? How do we experience the Priestess Isle when we are not surrounded by our sisters?

Join us as we discuss how to find rhythm and balance in every day moments, and how to enrich your life through daily spiritual practice. Through discussion and meditation, we will immerse ourselves in the ninefold energetic of the ritualist. Using that energy, we will then craft small daily rituals that can be used to heighten your connection to the Avalonian tradition, and help you carry the priestess isle in your heart and mind as you walk through the world.

Lori FeldmannLori Feldmann is a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon and serves on the Council of Nine as Cycle Matron, a role she has held for over a decade.  She is a published writer, online teacher, workshop facilitator, and Reiki master practitioner, who has committed her life to the Divine Feminine, and to sharing that path with all women, so that they may find the Goddess within themselves.  Lori holds two BA’s in History and French studies from University of Missouri – St. Louis, and currently lives in New York’ s Hudson Valley region.


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