Festival Site

We will be in Colorado for 2018!  Our location is just south of Denver near Colorado Springs.  We will call La Foret Retreat and Conference center our sacred space for the weekend and will be transformed into our Avalon.  This is a much larger and nicer facility then in past years and we are excited for the change.  Indoor workshop spaces and plenty of grounds to bring each of us into nature aspect.

We have a variety of lodging options available, please see our Accommodations page for more information.

For our workshop spaces we have large spaces and small intimate spaces.  The keynote space will happen in the absolutely stunning log cabin lodge space known as Ponderosa.

Ponderosa Lodge Exterior

Ponderosa Lodge Gathering Space









Our Vendors and some workshops will happen in and near the Inglis Hall

Inglis Hall Exterior

Inglis Hall Gathering Space







Blue Spruce will be another workshop space overlooking a lovely labyrinth.

Blue Spruce Exterior

Blue Spruce Gathering Space


Blue Spruce Labyrinth






Carriage House is yet another workshop space!

Carriage House Exterior

Carriage House Gathering Space