Question:  What are the dates for Ninefold Festival 2020?
Answer: September 19-20, 2020.

Question:  Where will Ninefold Festival 2020 be held?
Answer: Due to COVID-19, this year’s festival will be held online via Zoom.  We still will have plenty of the amazing features of past year’s festival!

Question: What is the cost for Ninefold Festival?
Answer: We are offering a sliding scale and asking women to pay what they can. Tickets can be purchased for $30, $60, or $90. All rates are subject to ticket/credit card fees.

Question: How do I register for Ninefold Festival?
Answer: Visit the registration page here.

Question: I registered but can no longer attend – can I get a refund?
Answer: We will offer a refund up until September 1st, at which point no refunds will be given.  If you need a refund prior to that date, please email ninefoldfestival@gmail.com.

Question: Can I present at Ninefold Festival?
Answer: Information about submitting workshop proposals is available here.

Question: Who will be presenting at Ninefold Festival 2020?
Answer: Presenters and their workshop offerings will be announced around July.

Question: What if I have a question that isn’t listed here?
Answer: You are welcome to email us at ninefoldfestival@gmail.com.