Creating Your Own Spiritual Legal Code

Keeping Her Laws: Avalon, Sovereignty and the Laws of Women Past, Present, and Future

Discover Celtic laws of women; the context from which our foremothers derived the laws of Avalon. Discern universal laws; cosmic principles governing all life. Discuss modern legal structures affecting women. Connect lawkeeping, womanhood, & the quest for Sovereignty. Create your own spiritual legal code. Answer the call that draws you to the Path of the Lawkeeper.

Kate BrunnerKate Brunner is a member of The Sisterhood of Avalon and Project Co-Weaver at the Feminism and Religion Blog Protect; writing, editing, & coordinating publication of interfaith content exploring the intersection of feminism and religion. She holds a BA in Economics from Tulane University. Kate presents at Red Tents and women’s retreats, as well as, hosting seasonal gatherings, facilitating labyrinth rituals, and leading women’s spirituality workshops. She currently serves as the Lawkeeper Matron on the SOA’s Council of Nine.


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