We have a variety of options available to fit individual needs.  Lodging is goes from a full cabin with single rooms, bathroom and kitchen to dorm rooms in cabins with bathrooms.  If you want to rough it a little bit with a walk to the bathhouse we have both camping and a yurt village option.  This property is much expanded, for those that might have mobility challenges, we are working on having a golf cart that will be a bit of a shuttle system throughout the weekend.

With the exception of the Yurt Village, all cabins include a shared bath with just this cabin.  You may choose a general spot or you may register in a direct cabin based on where it is on the property.  We will be all over the property between workshops, gatherings, meals and lodging so I do not believe one is closer than the other.

Tannenbaum sleeps 10 and is handicap-accessible and ADA approved with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Yucca sleeps 10.

Sage & Prickly Pear each sleep 6.

Willow has 2 bedrooms, 2 half-baths, and sleeps 12.


Aspen and Columbine each sleep 10.

Indian Paintbrush sleeps 12 and boasts a large carpeted common area with wood-burning stove and a full kitchen with separate dining room. This cabin sits off by itself to the northwest of the Meadow making it ideal for small, self contained participants who may need to keep medication cold or have special dietary concerns and want to bring options.

Yurt Village with six yurts, one is ADA.

Interior of Yurt.

The Yurt Village – Yurts are traditional portable housing units that were used by the nomads of Mongolia and across Asia. Our 6 yurts are updated versions made of wood and canvas. Each yurt is furnished with six sets of bunk beds, providing sleeping space for 12. They are built on wooden platforms and scattered through the forest near the Ben Smith Activity Center, in an area known as Yurt Village.  Yurt Village is served by a central bathhouse with multiple toilet, shower, and sink facilities. This building is heated. There is also a separate handicap accessible bathroom; one yurt is set up for handicap accessibility.